EON MPP3 Power Plant 3 Maasvlakte Rotterdam LOT 72

Maasvlakte power plant 3 MPP3

In 2014 we were asked to complete this power plant project by EON Power for their newly built power plant on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Our Safety by Design line is extremely accurate for this project. Most of the valves that required an interlock in this particular project are non-standard. And there was an additional challenge as there was not much room to install. The unique design, the rotating Alcatraz keys, makes it easy to adapt to any small valves, including the ones that have issues with spacing.

The completion of the project, including on site installation, was successfully finished in 2015.

Scope of supply:
Supply and installation of mechanical interlocks for various applications, 2 out of 3 fail safe measuring flow equipment

400 interlocks

Maasvlakte, Rotterdam

2014 - 2015


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The Netherlands

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