ADCO Middle East refurbishment of 131 ADCO pig traps

In 2009 we were awarded the supply, installation and commissioning of approximately 3000 interlocks to Abu Dhabi based company ADCO. Being a high profile job, the engineering company responsible for the execution of this project and a renowned ball valve manufacturer, together made the decision to place this multi-million dollar project on Alcatraz Interlocks.

The completion of the project was successfully finished in 2011. Including installation on all sites in the middle east, with various locations and under extreme circumstances.

Recently our local service team from Universal Technical have been asked to check on the status of the installed interlocks. This is a service team that now consists of 5 people that came into existence by the demand from ADCO to have a local service team.

After more than 5 years in operation all the locks were still in perfect condition and functioning as per our expected quality.

Scope of supply:
Interlocks for launchers and receivers across all ADCO fields


United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

2009 - 2011


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