Stories from the field
Stories from the field

How to stop fuel spillages entering the watercourse

20 May 2019

Total Lockout have installed a safety interlock system from Alcatraz, designed to ensure valves are operated in the correct sequence during fuel tanker delivery operations.

Stories from the field

JOB ALERT | Commercial Sales

26 March 2019

Are you a commercial person with an infinity to technical solutions? Are you happy working within a compact but international organization? Are you fluent in English & Dutch and looking not only to be a commercial person, but be a part of the team helping to develop and support the commercial operational activities?

Stories from the field

Development of the DQL-S by our Technical Engineer: Dennis de Vries

10 January 2019

Some time ago I posted an article about our 3D printer. One of the purposes of having such a printer was to develop a standard interlock suitable to be fitted on small ball valves. This since our existing Double Key Quarterturn Interlock has a profile suitable for lever operated valves up to 8", thus this unit is of a rugged size and not suitable for very small valves.


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