Development of the DQL-S by our Technical Engineer: Dennis de Vries

10 January 2019

Some time ago I posted an article about our 3D printer. One of the purposes of having such a printer was to develop a standard interlock suitable to be fitted on small ball valves. This since our existing Double Key Quarterturn Interlock has a profile suitable for lever operated valves up to 8", thus this unit is of a rugged size and not suitable for very small valves.

Development of the DQL-S by our Technical Engineer: Dennis de Vries

For this reason I have spend countless hours on designing sheet metal locking devices without the use of any of our stock Interlock housings. This has resulted in an array of many different designs based on the host valve construction and dimensions as shown in the below sample pictures. 

Remember my post about 3D printing? The below left image was used in that post showing printed prototype parts of the DQL-S design. The image in the middle showing those same parts assembled as a working prototype. On the right a 1st badge production sample fitted with our patented Lock Portions and Keys. The design and first produced samples needed no noticeable adjustments for manufacturability. 

During the ADIPEC Exhibition in Abu Dhabi (12-15 November 2018) we were presenting this new product, below is a rendered image of the DQL-S fitted onto a 1/2'' ball valve that was presented during the exhibition. 

In my past 12 years at Alcatraz at many occasions my commercial colleagues have asked if we could design a product for particular application, I always say: ''We'll figure something out'' and that worked ever since. Bespoke, custom-build, flexible and innovative are some of our key trademarks. So if you are looking for an unique solution for any application, being confined space, machine guarding, access control, electrical, pneumatical, hydraulical and/or mechanical key-exchange/delay/provisional release or management, please contact us and we will provide you with a solution specifically developed for your requirement. 

Thanks for reading, best regards,

Dennis de Vries, Technical Manager/Product development.


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