Up and running at our new office in Rijen

18 April 2017

First of all, a very big thank you to Mr. Rob Kouvelt the Managing Director of Kin Pompentechniek who project-managed the complete new building of our new manufacturing facilities.

Lester & Rob at the grand opening Employees exploring the new office

Also I would like to thank our employees Mariska, Arek, Victoria and Giel. Not only they planned and coordinated the project move, but they also planned and coordinated the manufacturing facilities and the move itself.

Plug and play

The final move on the Monday morning was really plug and play, thanks to the moving-project team. With a grand opening at 08:00 in the morning with all the staff from Alcatraz and Kin Pompentechniek employees all having a grand buffet breakfast. With speeches of the directors Rob, Robert and myself together with the local town Wethouder R.W.F. (Rolph) Dols, A thank you Rolph from the local council to spend time and welcome Alcatraz Interlocks to the new community.

State of the art facilities

The new building and its manufacturing facilities are state of the art incorporating all that is required. Not only to create a professional space for all the employees of Alcatraz to work, but improve efficiency in manufacturing, assembly, stocking, inspection and logistics with ease of shipping our interlocks out on time to all our customers.

Dressed up to the nines

Rob, dressed up to the nines for the day made an impact. Both of us and all the staff are so proud and happy with the new facilities. Two companies being together in one building, giving us opportunities to support each other as the business is and will grow in the very near future.

Break through

The new facilities were blanked off with a wall of paper to welcome our employees and to keep the new building as a “surprise” until Bram, Dennis and Arek were given the clear to break through the wallpaper. This sign allowed us all to pass the threshold and see the brand new facilities. The staff from our sister company Kin Pompentechniek were also very curious to look at the new facilities.

Also curious to see what our new building and facilities look like from the inside? Give us a call or watch the video at the top of this blog. Enjoy. 

Lester Millard

Alcatraz newsroom

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