Technical training for our distributor in Chile, Ingimex

2 March 2017

During this technical training we went through the basics again as a refreshment. But also we drilled down deep into the interlock applications and the advantages for our clients using our interlocks via our well trained and fully qualified exclusive distributor in Chile: Ingimex.

Technical training Ingimex. All employees receiving their certificates.

Training theory

Some of the basics we went through were the answers to the questions below. You can also find the answers to these questions on our FAQ-page .

What is a valve interlock?
A valve interlock is a single- or dual-key assembly which locks the valve in two positions - open/closed - with one key trapped within the lock assembly and one key free.

How do our valve interlocks function?
The mounting kit connects the rotating part of the valve, spindle or stem, with the rotating part of the lock and or the bearing. The kit connects to the static part of the valve, top flange or bonnet, with the static part of the interlock (body). Both parts are designed and manufactured to that particular valve.

Can our interlocks be mounted on any type or size of valve?
Yes they can. We have 4 standard types of valve interlocks: DML1, DML2, SBL, for hand-wheel operated valves (gate, globe, gear operated) and ball valves. And a DQL for lever operated valves. The mounting kits are custom made to the top works of the valve. So Alcatraz can design a solution to fit on any type or size of valve.

What happens in the event of losing a key?
Should you lose a key and you don't want to keep using the Master key, within 5 minutes you can have your new key. How can you do this within 5 minutes? We supply you with a full emergency kit full of all the spare parts, key coding and special tools to make and reproduce the original coded key. We can also ship keys at short notice. In order to use this emergency kit, we train the supervisor to replace keys within minutes.

Introducing a part of the Ingimex-team

Ms. Francisca Ferrer Vargas. She’s not only happy to supply all clients with any type of information like catalogues, videos and brochures. She also takes care of all the sales and marketing material that our clients need, all tailored and in local Spanish language.

Mr. Francisco Ruz. Comes with a wealth of experience and has the skills to run large engineering projects. The advantage for the clients is that Ingimex has the skills to work with SolidWorks Professional. And the team, that reports to Ms. Patricia Alejandra Cuevas Pedreros, General Manager, is able to work onsite measuring the valves. Collaborating with Alcatraz Interlocks on its designs and then install the locks themselves. Taking on all the responsibility as a fully qualified exclusive distributor.

Mr. Carlos Chandía. A highly skilled team player that works onsite with high standards of accuracy. Ensuring that the client only receives the very best quality services.

Ms. Valeria Salinas. She will take care of all the document control, ranging from basic technical data sheets to complex material certificates, GAD's and finally manufacturing data record books. She is also ensuring that the clients receive high quality technical literature with their orders.

Thanks to Ingimex

I would like to thank Patrica for her continued investment into Alcatraz Interlocks and ensuring that all her team members are well trained and ready to serve all their clients in the industrial industry.

Lester Millard


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