Kin and Alcatraz, two Indutrade-sisters in one building

7 December 2016

It all started about a year ago, during an Indutrade conference of all the Managing Directors. When Rob Kouvelt, the managing director of Kin Pompentechniek, and myself were chatting about out the two businesses. Exchanging information about how different the two business and the markets we serve are and how we best support our clients.

Kin pompentechniek & Alcatraz building Managing directors Lester (Alcatraz Interlocks) and Rob (Kin Pompentechniek)

Get together

Well, what’s so nice about the yearly Indutrade MD's conferences is exactly that. It encourages the MD's to get together and exchange information. Talk and chat about each other’s business, to see if we can develop any new ideas that can better serve our clients.

In this case, one thing led to another and before we knew it we came up with the idea that Kin Pompentechniek could look at building a brand new facility for Alcatraz Interlocks. Including brand new offices and a workshop and at the same time upgrade the existing Kin facility with improved stocking systems (within the already large facility they have). We started looking at the inefficiencies, improved logistics, larger manufacturing and assembly facilities (due to the explosive expansion of both the businesses). It was clear that we both needed to pull all our resources together to create two independent companies in one large facility.


That said, Rob has done a great job in organizing and coordinating the complete new construction and design of the new manufacturing plant for both companies. Congrats Rob.

The schedule and planning is that no later than end of March 2017 Alcatraz Interlocks will move from its present location (only 6 km away) to its new location. And work in the same building with our sister company Kin Pompentechniek at their location: Stedenbaan 6, 5121 DP Rijen, (close to Breda) The Netherlands.

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