Reducing delivery time but not reducing safety

18 November 2016

In the second quarter of 2016, Alcatraz Interlocks B.V. was awarded a project purchase order by a large European EPC contractor to supply all mechanical valve interlocks. Including key cabinets and SCU’s (Sequence Control Unit) for a project in northern Europe.

Sequence Control Unit SCU interlocks

During the kick-off meeting we were asked to reduce our delivery time from 10 weeks into 5 weeks, including installation. This was due to the high priority of this project in achieving the goal set by the end user.

Speeding up the process

On my return at the office I had a meeting with Lester Millard, our Managing Director and Dennis de Vries, our Technical Manager. The main subject was to look into the capacity and workload of our engineering department, sub- supplier for the brackets & adapters and our manufacturing with assembly & production capacity. In this meeting all parties decided that we could meet the demands requested by our client.

We had only one challenge: getting the correct valve top works information (the valve dimensions) of the valves from the manufactures/suppliers. This is mostly a time consuming process. In order to speed up that process we proposed to take on site measurements ourselves. By performing the measurement on site by one of our Service Team members (our Supervising Engineer) we not only reduced the lead time of the delivery but at the same time we’re reducing the chance of errors. Due to this action and responsibility, we guaranteed to eliminate any errors from supplier’s data.  

Mission completed

Five weeks after taking measurements on site, we were able to install all interlocks on site without any issues. Mission completed. Our client was so satisfied with our performance that they recommended us to an Italian EPC contractor from which we received the first orders this autumn. 

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