'Safety by design', not just an empty phrase

21 April 2015

As we proudly introduce our new website, the phrase 'safety by design' is present on every page of the website. The essence of this message is bigger than the words would imply, it's the very backbone of the existence of Alcatraz.

Multiple small multiturn valve interlocks 'Safety by design', not just an empty phrase

Our designers

Our engineering department, although they are more than happy to supply you with standard products, is very exited to help you out with any complex interlocking requirement you might have. And above all: the required design work that need to be done for your order.

Recently we welcomed new members to the Alcatraz Interlocks team. Whilst trying to explain what the meaning of the safety statement 'safety by design' is, I was forced to give them some examples. In presentations I do for our clients all around the world I am keen on introducing Alcatraz Interlocks and its products as a standard, unique solution to valve interlocking. However when I visit our clients and we are going more into the details of their needs we discover that although the locks might be standard, the connection between the valve is always custom made. This design is made by our engineering department in SolidWorks 3D. Once again, this is not the 'safety by design' the title implies.

Questionable eyes face me as I try to explain that the design we are proud of is also in any of the standards we supply. But it's the non standard application that we face that brings out the best in our Alcatraz Interlocks team.

300 custom designs

We have recently supplied over 300 locks to a Power plant in Holland, where none of the supplied valves could be categorized as standard. For each and every one of them the complete design of our lock had to be designed to fit small, confined spaces, on manifold and instrument valves and ranging from plastic to duplex. The designs we made for this project are what we call 'safety by design'. 

Alcatraz Interlocks is the only valve interlocking company that has the flexibility, capacity and the willingess to supply beyond the standard locks. We would like to help you with our custom made solutions to ensure the key to your safety.

'Safety by design' is not just a phrase, it's our mission.

Lester Millard


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Safety by design