Stories from the field
Stories from the field

How to stop fuel spillages entering the watercourse

20 May 2019

Total Lockout have installed a safety interlock system from Alcatraz, designed to ensure valves are operated in the correct sequence during fuel tanker delivery operations.

Stories from the field

JOB ALERT | Commercial Sales

26 March 2019

Are you a commercial person with an infinity to technical solutions? Are you happy working within a compact but international organization? Are you fluent in English & Dutch and looking not only to be a commercial person, but be a part of the team helping to develop and support the commercial operational activities?

Stories from the field

Development of the DQL-S by our Technical Engineer: Dennis de Vries

10 January 2019

Some time ago I posted an article about our 3D printer. One of the purposes of having such a printer was to develop a standard interlock suitable to be fitted on small ball valves. This since our existing Double Key Quarterturn Interlock has a profile suitable for lever operated valves up to 8", thus this unit is of a rugged size and not suitable for very small valves.

Stories from the field

ADIPEC Exhibition 2018

14 November 2018

On the second day of the ADIPEC - Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference we had a visit of our Spanish agent Productos de Instrumentación S.A. (PISA).

Thank you Juan Castellanos, Alfonso Serrano Sanchez and Juan Díaz García. 

Stories from the field

Business day in the municipality of Gilze-Rijen 2018

13 November 2018

The company day 2018 of the municipality of Gilze-Rijen took place in our office last Friday.

Stories from the field

ADIPEC Exhibition 2018

2 October 2018

From the 12 till 15 November 2018 Alcatraz Interlocks will be participate together with 2,200 other exhibiting companies on The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC).

Stories from the field

Big Event 22 March 2018

1 February 2018

Dear partners of Alcatraz Interlocks BV. On Thursday 22nd of March, 2018 we are opening our doors in collaboration with Kin Pompentechniek BV, for customers, partners, suppliers, friends, acquaintances and everyone interested.

Technical training Ingimex. All employees receiving their certificates.

Technical training for our distributor in Chile, Ingimex

2 March 2017

During this technical training we went through the basics again as a refreshment. But also we drilled down deep into the interlock applications and the advantages for our clients using our interlocks via our well trained and fully qualified exclusive distributor in Chile: Ingimex.

Kin pompentechniek & Alcatraz building

Kin and Alcatraz, two Indutrade-sisters in one building

7 December 2016

It all started about a year ago, during an Indutrade conference of all the Managing Directors. When Rob Kouvelt, the managing director of Kin Pompentechniek, and myself were chatting about out the two businesses. Exchanging information about how different the two business and the markets we serve are and how we best support our clients.

Sequence Control Unit SCU interlocks

Reducing delivery time but not reducing safety

18 November 2016

In the second quarter of 2016, Alcatraz Interlocks B.V. was awarded a project purchase order by a large European EPC contractor to supply all mechanical valve interlocks. Including key cabinets and SCU’s (Sequence Control Unit) for a project in northern Europe.

3D printing our interlocks

Product development and rapid prototyping

7 October 2016

Being employed by Alcatraz for many years now I have witnessed and caused many changes within the company. Working to achieve a higher level of quality, customer support and efficiency. In my early years at Alcatraz I have adopted the use of 2D engineering software used to design and develop products according to client requirements.

The Makerbot Replicator

What inspired us to acquire a 3D printer?

30 September 2016

For many years I’ve been inspired by 3D printing. I first encountered a 3D printer back in 2000 when I was visiting some high tech manufactures, they had already started using this technology for their design and development work. Wow, I was impressed!

An ethylene oxide plant

Focus on Safety

31 March 2016

Yesterday I read a disturbing article about an ethylene oxide leakage at a big site. The cause of the leakage last year: human error. It scared me a little bit and it surprised me at the same time, in a negative way.


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