For every application our experts can develop a custom-made valve interlock and trapped key solution.

This to ensure our policy “the key to your safety" in your workflow. 

Climate and conditions

The key slides over the complete lock portion as an “umbrella” and protects the opening of the locks if a key is inserted, preventing dirt to enter the lock. Further the lock portion is covered with a protecting dust cap. Once the key is removed a spring closes the dust cap covering the lock opening.

Alcatraz Interlocks can withstand both extreme cold as well as heat, are fire tested API 607 and do not require regular maintenance or annual greasing. 

  • Solid and compact construction with a minimum of moving parts
  • Fire safe in accordance with API 607 sixth edition. Tested on functioning in low temperatures
  • Maintenance free, no grease necessary
  • Resistant against sand, dirt and moisture
  • Automatic closing AISI 316 protection caps on keyholes with text plates as standard

Unique interlock benefits

The standard material used is casted stainless steel AISI 316 for all lock components and are machined to meet tolerances where applicable. Due to the uniqueness of our design we can assemble keys without any machining or adjustment. Helping clients to replace lost keys instantly.

To ensure smooth operation, and to protect the interlocks, all parts are electro polished. Electro polishing is an extra rust preventive coating, Alcatraz Interlocks do not require any paint to ensure long life functionality. Our interlocks will survive a drop of more than 25 meters, are highly flexible in use and impossible to copy.

  • Ergonomic key position
  • Easy to install, even when the valve is in a live process
  • The drop weight impact test, ASTM E208: our key will survive a drop of more than 25 meters
  • Transferable lock portions
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 316, electro polished

Safe and resilient design

At times, human failure even defeats the most advanced electronic safety measures. Alcatraz interlocks can prevent potentially hazardous situations caused by errors in the operating sequence of industrial processes. With our interlock systems the operator is simply forced to follow a predetermined sequence by means of a mechanical coded key transfer.

Alcatraz Interlocks are successfully in use in the oil and gas industry, chemical industry and off shore industry. Also the automotive, food and beverage industry have discovered the advantages of our products. 

  • Avoiding human error by predetermined coded key transfer protocol
  • Automatic closing AISI 316 protection caps on keyholes with text plates as standard
  • Tamper proof
  • Easy and smooth operation, also with using industrial gloves
  • As an option the integration of electronic components such as limit proximity switches
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