safety by design

valve interlocks and trapped key interlock solutions preventing hazardous situations under any condition

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Climate and conditions

Our valve interlocks and trapped key interlock solutions are designed to function under the harshest climate conditions. Due to the unique, patented design of both key and lock our interlocks are resistant against the ingress of dirt and sand.

Unique interlock benefits

The unique patented design, all interlocks are produced according ISO-9001, are T.Ü.V. approved and come with a declaration of conformity (CE). This makes our valve interlocks and trapped key interlock solutions unique in its kind.

Safe and resilient design

Alcatraz Interlocks are recognized and accepted as an effective safety management tool. They help to safeguard complex critical operations under any condition.

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Stories from the field
Rehearsing the video text at the marketing department

My first filming day

By Bram Loose on 5 April 2016

In the presentations I give to our clients all over the globe, I see a trend within my PowerPoints: I use less and less words and more images.

An ethylene oxide plant

Focus on Safety

By Bram Loose on 31 March 2016

Yesterday I read a disturbing article about an ethylene oxide leakage at a big site. The cause of the leakage last year: human error. It scared me a little bit and it surprised me at the same time, in a negative way.

Shipment of interlock solutions Alcatraz Interlocks

My retrospect and a short preview of what's to come in 2016

By Bram Loose on 19 January 2016

Throughout this year we made over 50 "house calls". Either to our appreciated distributors or to our OEM accounts that have increased enormously within our yearly business. House calls within Europe, the Far and Middle East, the Americas and as far as the cold dark edges of Siberia.


Alcatraz newsroom

ATEX approvals for our interlock solutions

This week we received, on behalf of Lloyd's Register Verification, ATEX approvals for our interlock solutions on different applications. You can... Read more

Valve World article Lester Millard in May 2016 issue

In the Valve World-spotlight this month: our Managing Director Lester Millard. Why? He has plenty to celebrate in 2016. Read more

Our first video is published

This week we published our first video: Bram gives you a short introduction (elevator pitch) about our company. Read more


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