safety by design

valve interlocks and trapped key interlock solutions preventing hazardous situations under any condition


Climate and conditions

Alcatraz Interlocks are designed to function under the harshest climate conditions. Due to the unique, patented design of both key and lock Alcatraz Interlocks are resistant against the ingress of dirt and sand.

Unique interlock benefits

The unique patented design, all interlocks are produced according ISO-9001, are T.Ü.V. approved and come with a declaration of conformity (CE). This makes the Alcatraz Interlock unique in its kind.

Safe and resilient design

Alcatraz Interlocks are recognized and accepted as an effective safety management tool. They help to safeguard complex critical operations.

Stories from the field

Interlock globe-trotter

By Bram Loose on 13 mei 2015

In the last weeks I have travelled the globe to meet clients and potential clients. The diversity of my travel adventures in the last weeks made me want to share my findings and experiences. As it is the intention of Alcatraz Interlocks to work through distributors, we had our agent set up meetings for a complete week in the Middle East.

'Safety by design', not just an empty phrase

By Bram Loose on 21 april 2015

As we proudly introduce our new website, the phrase 'safety by design' is present on every page of the website. The essence of this message is bigger than the words would imply, it's the very backbone of the existence of Alcatraz.

Greetings from Abu Dhabi

By Lester Millard on 10 maart 2015

Our Supervisor Engineer Arek Janik shows us how to operate a valve interlock mounted on a globe valve.
The heat of Abu Dhabi didn't stop him from operating it correctly. Like our interlocks, Arek is doing his job under extreme conditions.


Alcatraz newsroom

Alcatraz Interlocks at Valve World Americas Expo & Conference 2015

On the 15th and 16th of July Alcatraz Interlocks will be participating in The Valve World Americas Expo & Conference 2015 in Houston, USA. Read more

New website Alcatraz Interlocks is live

Alcatraz Interlocks B.V. proudly presents its new website. With a clean, crisp, fresh look & feel combined with a new design and improved... Read more

6th edition Fire Test Certificate for Alcatraz Interlocks

The Integral Multi Turn & Integral Lever lock types from Alcatraz Interlocks have been tested and awarded with the Fire Test Certificate. Read more


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Safety by design